We offer a big range of Gunning mixes on MgO-basis for converter, electric arc furnace, steel ladle und RH-degasser snorkel, Casting and ramming mixes on MgO-basis for lining and repair of tapholes and well blocks, Insulating spraying mixes and dry mixes on basis MgO und MgO-SiO for wear lining of tundish, ULC castables on basis Al2O3 or MgO-Al2O3 and ZrSiO4 for monolithic wear lining of steel ladle and bottom of steel ladle as well ULC castables on basis Al2O3 and ZrSiO4 for lining of permanent lining of tundish and RH-degasser snorkels. The basic for all our Monolithic is: MgO, Al2O3, ZrSiO4, SiO2, Spinel (MgO-Al2O3), Olivine (MgO-SiO2).

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