Emergency slide gate

Emergency slide gate for continuous casting

  • Function
    An emergency slide gate system ensures safe operation of a continuous casting machine. In case of a mono-block stopper failure it interrupts the steel flow by cutting the Subentry shrouds, the steel flow between the tundish and the mold. The gate system consists of a baseplate, a moveable heat resistant slide gate plate and a hydraulic actuator with air-cooled double housing.

    The emergency slide gate protects the casting equipment from damage which is maybe caused by leaky and worn-out stoppers. It increases the caster availability and reduces the maintenance costs.

    The slide gate is easy to mount, easy to maintain and easy to operate. It is bolted to the bottom of the tundish with two or four wedge bolts and can easily be centered by the special design of the straight welding plate of the tundish.
  • Main features
    • Reusable slide gate plate
    • Hydraulic actuator with air-cooled double housing
    • Fast and easy mounting
    • Easy maintenance
  • Application
    Horizontal caster
    Horizontal Caster
    Billet-Bloom Caster
    Billet-Bloom Caster
    Slab-Bloom caster
    Slab-Bloom Caster

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